Why Hire the Maritime Lawyers at Fitts Zehl?

When you’re injured offshore, you need to be able to focus on recovering, without worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills and provide for your family in the future.

To do that, you need a maritime lawyer who regularly goes to trial and has the resources and experience to ensure that you and your family not only receive the maximum recovery possible, but also the best medical treatment available.

Our maritime lawyers have recovered over $550 Million in settlements and verdicts for injured offshore workers, have won every single case that we’ve taken to trial, and were recognized as one of the Top 5 Maritime Law Firms in the Country by NewsWeek Magazine in 2012.

Here are some of the reasons why 100s of Injured Offshore Workers Depend on Fitts Zehl to protect their futures:

  • We represented five of the workers injured in the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, and recovered substantial (and confidential) settlements for each of them just 18 months after the explosion.
  • In 2012, Newsweek Magazine recognized our firm  as one of the Top 5 Maritime Law Firms in in the United States
  • Our Maritime Lawyers have Recovered over $550 Million in settlements and verdicts for injured offshore workers.
  • We won the #1 Largest Accident Verdict in the State of Texas ($18.6 million) on behalf of a client who herniated a disk in their lower back.
  • Our trial lawyers are undefeated in the courtroom, having won every single case that we took to trial.
  • All of our maritime lawyers are members of the “Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum”, an exclusive distinction limited to trial lawyers who who have won multimillion dollar awards on behalf of their clients.

What Makes Maritime Law so Different?

Accidents that occur offshore are governed under very specific rules and guidelines; some fall under the Jones Act, some under the Longshoremen and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), while others fall under general maritime law. Although these laws have been established to protect offshore workers and their families, in order for you to benefit from their protections, it’s critical that your lawyer understand them or you will likely lose valuable rights and benefits.

Why Fitts Zehl?

Our Maritime Lawyers understand maritime cases: we’ve successfully represented hundreds of injured offshore workers against the largest maritime and oil and gas companies in the country.  We’ve also distinguished ourselves as trial lawyers by recovering the #1 Largest Accident Verdict in Texas and being selected as one of the Top 5 Maritime Law Firms in the Country by NewsWeek Magazine.

We were able to achieve these results because we treat ever client like they’re are only client.  Each case is prepared for trial, and we refuse to accept a settlement offer unless it will fully compensate our client for ALL of their injuries and damages.  Otherwise, we take the case to trial, where we remain undefeated.

For example, while representing 5 of the workers who were injured while working onboard the BP Deepwater Horizon when it exploded in 2010, we advised our clients against accepting an early offer from BP and Transocean.  As a result, they ended up with a substantial settlement in less than 18 months.

If you or a Loved one Were Injured Offshore, the Maritime Lawyers at Fitts Zehl Can help

Whether your offshore injury occurred in Louisiana, Texas, or Alaska, our maritime lawyers will devote whatever resources and times is necessary to ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Because we work exclusively on a contingent fee, working with us will cost you nothing – we’re only paid when we win your case.

In addition to obtaining the best results through settlement or trial, we’re also dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best medical treatment possible.  Our medical staff will help you find the best doctors in the area or, if you’d like to go somewhere else, we’ll make sure that you’re able to.

Call our Maritime Lawyers at 1-800-520-8351 for a Free Consultation

There’s no charge or commitment involved.

Our maritime lawyers will talk to you about your case, inform you of your options, and ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.